We screen print garms to make you look fresh. Our print style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any challenger. When it's properly used, it's almost invincible. Screen printing is an ancient Chinese printing technique used to push ink through a mesh stencil onto textiles. Each colour in your design requires a different stencil or screen to be made. Using these screens we then print all garments by hand in our south London studio. Other finishing details such as labeling and bagging are also available.


It's most cost-effective when producing medium to large runs of garments. The higher the unit quantity the lower the cost per unit. However we will take on small runs, as well as large ones. Another benefit of screen printing is the richly coloured, long lasting, inks, which retain their vibrancy after washing. There is also an array of techniques to print a variety of artwork styles to help achieve your desired effect. This is why this very versatile and age old process has remained a staple for the production of graphic Tees, hoods and sweats. 



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Plastisol inks work well for large solid areas of colour as well as fine, detailed artwork. It is extremely durable and will stand the test of time. It leaves a thicker ink deposit than water based ink systems do & will generally have a satin finish.


CMYK inks offer a cost effective way of screen printing full colour artwork. Please note that this process is best suited on white garments, and for artwork which does not have large areas of single blocks of colour. CMYK inks are plastisol-based. 

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This ink is plastisol-based, but is mixed with metallic flax to give it a shimmering look. Although it comes in a range of colours, the most common uses for this are silver and gold.


done london, screen printing, streetwear, T-shirt printing


Water based inks give a soft and smooth feel to the garment. No white underbase is printed under colours, meaning that the print colour on dark garments will look darker. The print will show signs of fading after washing.

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Reflective ink prints the same as plastisol, however it becomes reflective in the dark when light is shone on it. Works best on dark fabric and has a dark grey finish.



There are an array of blanks available on the market. Most of which we are able to source for you, from high-end pieces to basic promo items and everything in between. Please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

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 For further information please email us at: print@donelondon.co.uk